Tuesday, April 21, 2009

four twenty.

everybody who knows me knows I do not partake in green leafy substances that you set on fire to see a cause and effect. clearly, now i know why. i figure that in life, you should try everything at least once - especially in college ;). and every time i try something new, i poison myself. . . literally. tingling. losing my thoughts from one minute to the next. thinking something and then actually doing and saying it out loud. screaming. laughing for miles. crying. losing my mind. losing my thoughts. losing me.

last night, i was lost.

hungry. sleepy. everything seems like it never happened. i have no recollection of doing ANYTHING. lol. but i knew i did it. and when i tried to explain that to people, they laughed. it was frustrating and scary at the same time. i could hear every word, every door, every beat and every body. when i thought i was sleep, i could hear myself snoring. creepy right ?

i ate a brownie and it was like heaven. it was so soft, chocolate and chewy. i am not even a chocolate fan. but this one brownie made changed my life and my perspective forever. people say it's because i ate the shxt instead of smoking it. . .i guess.

"I ditch my friends and make them find their own ride home" lmao.

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  1. hahahahaha . omgeeee , "i ditched my friends and made them find their own ride home" [cheeeese] .

    i love that frickin commercial lol .