Monday, April 13, 2009


so i think i can freestyle. haha. but not really. this is really random but i love it.

driving fast, switching lanes O.C. weaving in and out between the mini vans in the grand marquis. and i just hit cruise control. catch me if you can cause my heart runs fast and my attention span is minimal cause I'm always on the go. make my phone ring Drake, got my love poppin like ecstasy. I'll take you to the next level like I'm hittin piano keys. and you're wondering "when and where can i get her time cause she's certainly what I would call one of a kind. she lookin like the ace...fa sho." (lol) but i don't love 'em.

They're always hittin the pedal while I'm steady pushing the brakes. and they mad. I know their girlfriends mad too because they could never make their boyfriends call and text like I do. but I don't love 'em. We kiss and make up and then I leave 'em. they takin shots and smokin blunts to have fun but I don't even need 'em. so i start running. my heart is beating faster than yours but your temperature is rising and i can't feel your pulse. then i remember, bad boys are always layin around. that's why they give me their number and they stay on the ground. I'm 10 feet tall and you're only two feet high. i don't love 'em. i don't heed 'em. i just call when i need 'em.

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