Monday, April 27, 2009

since when is it O.K. ?

Yes, it's Jay Z. They say he was playing around backstage with a friend in South Africa but regardless, this is what makes other young men think it's okay to beat on women. During the Chris Brown and Rihanna incident, Jay Z and Kanye West were all over tv dogging Chris and saying how domestic violence isn't okay blah blah blah. but both of them have been caught (especially Kanye) mushing, pushing, slapping, and verbally abusing their female "fans".

I hate how money excuses you from being persecuted about acting like an asshole. Everybody writes the actions of money moguls off as whatever they say they are without even considering that the person could be lying. Domestic violence is a serious issue. The battery of women is not a joke. Would Jay Z like it if some man did that to Beyonce and said he was just playing ? would Kanye appreciate some man yelling and cursing at his mother ? no , i doubt it. the world is full of hypocrites--even our role models.

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