Tuesday, April 28, 2009

She's the effin best !

she stands alone in the center of it all.
no one is like her , so none like her.
because crack runs through her purple veins like antibiotics
and her children are untamed just like the life she lives.
her life is full of twists and turns, ups and downs,
her path is far from smooth.
they're constantly using blush and white eyeliner to soften her harsh, ugly face.
but her eyes glow bright green with greed and addiction.
and her bold, black eyeshadow strips the soft white eyeliner.
9mm pointing at her from every direction
strays invade her house like poison.
her children throw dirt in her own backyard; a quest for a treasure that they'll never posess.
she's feisty; so when she fights she's always the winner
because she's at the center--the heart of it all
that bursts and bleeds with undeniable cries for help !
while the doctors watch impatiently with scapel in hand
but she'll never die because her heart beats to a never ending tune of sirens and gunshots, dirtbikes and buses, screaming and laughing.

1 comment:

  1. WOW.. great.
    my favorite line was: no one is like her so none like her. nice word play..