Sunday, April 5, 2009

soooo reality sets in...

All freshman year, I have observed the art of playing games. This is nothing new but damn in such a concentrated setting, it's hilarious.

I've watched guys chase girls, girls chase guys, girls talk shxt and guys fight guys. I've watched relationships and friendships be made and easily broken and easily re-made. smh. i thought we were in college ? but really it's high school in another state with new people, less food, a lot of naps and random adventures. i love how people think they run the AUC. i love it. because sooner or later it all comes crashing down. and that later has finally arrived.

people have gotten really bold these first few days of our last days as freshman. tension has reached its ultimate peak and the people who you thought were down for the count were really just kidding and they are calling niggas out! hilarious much ? i definitely think so.

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